Another two weeks, another Minecraft update. With the bug-fixing 12w26a snapshot out of the way and the slightly beefier 12w27a now in our hands, we also got the information we’ve been waiting on. Read on to see what it was.


Well, the big news is here for everyone to see: patch 1.3 is dropping on August 1st. So, in the meantime, what does 12w27a offer? For one, signs now craft three at a time and stack up to 16 at a time, which will be handy. A feature I like is that breaking your boat now drops the boat, rather then sticks and planks. No longer will I have to debate whether it’s worth making a boat to travel over the water. There are also performance improvements implemented, which should help those struggling with the new integrated client/server format’s slightly increased system requirements. Also changed is the amount of XP you get for mining blocks, which is now based on the type of block you break with coal rewarding you with the least while diamond and emerald ore garner you the most.

That’s all that stands out for me in 12w27a. Look forward to patch 1.3 hitting in all it’s glory on August 1st, everyone.

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