The Planetside 2 beta, long awaited by veterans of the original from 2003, appears to be imminent. Read on to see when it’s coming, and when you can expect your invite.

Planetside 2

Sony Online Enterainment’s President, John Smedley (who must have gone through hell in junior high school) announced recently via Twitter that the beta is set to begin on Monday or Tuesday. I would link to the relevant tweets but Twitter is down at the moment. Also announced was the proposed order for invites to go out. It seems they’re planning to invite active Planetside 1 subscribers first, and then retired/veteran subscribers, people with priority beta keys, and finally people who opt in to the beta program. Given the scale of this game and the number of players they’ll need I imagine they’ll ramp up the invites in a hurry.

The beta’s content is under a non-disclosure agreement so I’ll be unable to provide coverage of it here. Is anyone else looking forward to this, and planning to be in the beta?