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It’s time for the guys to go to the stars. They go co-op in Artemis, a cooperative star ship bridge simulator. They picked up the demo, and with Will on weapons and Bud at the helm, they begin their quest to clear the cosmos.

Will_Artemis 2012-07-11 12-17-53-56Here’s the first screenshot, from Will’s weapon command screen. They guys started near Dock 1, with seven enemy ships in the area.

Bud_Artemis 2012-07-11 12-18-20-04

Bud looks at the long –range scanners to plan their next move. They land back at Dock 1 to refill their missiles and nukes.

Bud_Artemis 2012-07-11 12-19-26-30

Bud watched the ship view as the guys fire homing missiles at one of their enemies. They did a good job on the first half of their assaults. Well, if you ignore Will accidentally firing a nuke into the vacuum of space while figuring out the controls as Bud quickly turned and went the other direction, hoping no one mistakenly got in the line of fire.

Bud_Artemis 2012-07-11 12-19-56-31

The guys used their beam weapons to deal with this guy at close range, which required Bud to maneuver to keep the baddie in the phaser range.

Bud_Artemis 2012-07-11 12-20-56-84

Docking time again. More nukes,  sil’ vous plais?

Will_Artemis 2012-07-11 12-21-53-57

Another red ship goes down. You know how this works – the red ships always die. Or was it red shirts? Whatever.

Bud_Artemis 2012-07-11 12-25-26-85

Bud again engages the long-range scanner to see their two remaining foes, and lines them up before engaging the warp drive.

Bud_Artemis 2012-07-11 12-27-56-85

Down goes another red ship! One more to go, right?

Bud_Artemis 2012-07-11 12-28-26-85

Wait – that’s not a single ship!

Will_Artemis 2012-07-11 12-28-53-56

Crap, it’s a trio of triangles. What the hell! Go get ‘em anyway. They decide they would fire away at them until we’re out of missiles and then bolt to the nearest space station to rearm.

Bud_Artemis 2012-07-11 12-28-56-83

The guys take shots at the far left craft with a handful of homing missiles before scooting.

Bud_Artemis 2012-07-11 12-29-26-84

They’re not retreating! They’re… just getting a better angle. And more ammo.

Bud_Artemis 2012-07-11 12-30-26-84

Dock 4 has missiles and energy, but no nukes. Will insists on nukes.

Bud_Artemis 2012-07-11 12-31-26-84

They next try Dock 3, but no dice.

Bud_Artemis 2012-07-11 12-32-26-85

Same story at Dock 2. Dock 1, you’re our only hope!

Bud_Artemis 2012-07-11 12-32-56-84

They arrive and, though not shown on this shot, they did get their nuke. Back to the battle, everyone. Warp drive, engage.

Will_Artemis 2012-07-11 12-33-53-57

They return to see that the triad has broken up their formation. Here Will fires a few homing missiles to soften the duet before preparing the Big One.

Will_Artemis 2012-07-11 12-34-23-56

You can’t see it here, but the nuke is mere seconds from impact on the two top ships. Bud engaged warp after firing to shoot through the target area to avoid the resulting boom.

Bud_Artemis 2012-07-11 12-34-56-84

Got ‘em!  The guys turn back to the last ship and unload their remaining homing missiles.

Will_Artemis 2012-07-11 12-35-23-57

The duel goes close-up, but the guys ultimately win the war.

Bud_Artemis 2012-07-11 12-35-26-84

The final missile is fired. VICTORY!

Artemis 2012-07-11 12-36-05-48

Here’s the final score sheet. They’ll definitely be doing this again. We shall return!