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Bud and Will go to the NBA! Bud plays some NBA 2K12 with the guys starring on their hometown Cleveland Cavaliers. Bud hates their current uniforms though so they’ll be showing off retro uniforms every game.

nba2k12 2012-07-07 00-54-17-47

Case in point: The old late ‘90s blue splash uniforms. Will’s on the right obviously, and Bud’s on the left. Will plays point guard and Bud pays shooting guard. He’s the 2-guard simply because he’s the taller of the two at 6’1”, but they’re both way undersized for their positions. Let’s get some highlights!

nba2k12 2012-07-07 00-54-44-34

Bud takes a shot from the perimeter. The guys don’t have their real-life skill levels because, well… that would be painful because they both suck. Instead they have optimized skills based on their real-life play styles. Bud’s a mid-range-and-in attacker who likes to make flashy passes and play defense while Will’s a speedy three point shooter.

nba2k12 2012-07-07 00-55-41-25

A speedy, one-handed three point shooter, at that.

nba2k12 2012-07-07 00-56-44-67

Here are the two of them with Bud bringing the ball up court. Bud was the playmaker since he had a higher passer rating while Will got open to shoot his threes.

nba2k12 2012-07-07 00-57-51-18

Will also grabbed a few rebounds. Wow.

nba2k12 2012-07-07 00-59-52-78

Bud hits Tristan Thompson on the right block. He would proceed to brick his shot. Looks like the guys have to do everything.

nba2k12 2012-07-07 01-01-27-97

That apparently includes getting dunked on by Kevin Garnett. Bud, you dumb ass – get out of the way.

nba2k12 2012-07-07 01-11-47-25

This game against the Boston Celtics was winding down so Bud pulls up for a fall away shot to beat the buzzer.

nba2k12 2012-07-07 01-11-56-92

Does he make it??

nba2k12 2012-07-07 01-12-06-90

Of course he does – we wouldn’t mention it if he’d missed.

nba2k12 2012-07-07 01-13-05-35

From the post game Press Book, you can see Will getting fouled by Rondo on an attempted jump shot. Speaking of the Press Book, here are some pictures from another game, a road game for the Chaos is Gaming Cavaliers against the 2000-01 Milwaukee Bucks, courtesy of the Ultimate Base Roster mod.

nba2k12 2012-07-07 03-09-45-89

nba2k12 2012-07-07 03-09-56-22

nba2k12 2012-07-07 03-10-00-60

nba2k12 2012-07-07 03-10-07-52

nba2k12 2012-07-07 03-10-11-33

That’s all for now!