There have been multiple inquiries over the past month about our site, AA Gaming Hub and it’s relationship with Chaos is Gaming. The short answer is that I, Alpha, have a hand in running both. Those who know me have asked why the two sites are separate.  The answer to that is more complicated – but it may not matter in the near future.

Will (of Chaos is Gaming) and I founded CiG as a way to share gaming experiences, Let’s Play style, and cover games in a more casual light then is done here on AA Gaming Hub. The site hasn’t been an overwhelming success and is currently starting to flounder a bit. Several sources have asked why we don’t just merge the two into one. We actually may just do that. The process would involve Chaos is Gaming being absorbed into AA Gaming Hub. It would get it’s own area and would be headed by Will. We would import all of it’s old articles and it would continue it’s bi-weekly updates.

We would like people’s opinions on such a change before we act on it. What’s the general opinion?

One Response to Possible Merger in the Future