AAGH Game  Center

Bud and Will were playing Team Fortress 2 yesterday, with Will on his brand new laptop and Bud on his trusty PC. Will was breaking in his laptop so the guys took to a random server online. Will selected it and…. well, things didn’t go as planned. Surprise, huh?


They spawned on Badlands, taking to team BLU. It wasn’t long before they found themselves getting torn up by the other team. It was seriously lopsided , with, for example, the other team’s Heavy, AimBot would kill them in under two seconds. Bud went Medic to help Will play Heavy and they worked ok as a team but they couldn’t make any progress. Their team was so mechanical in their behavior though, and so dedicated to attacking the RED team that they felt compelled to help them. A player named HI THERE was also a Medic so he and Bud teamed up to keep Will alive… to no avail. Bud got Dominated by a played named CreditToTeam, and someone playing a spy kept backstabbing the guys. About this time, though, Bud got suspicious. He recognized the player names – he’d seen them all before somewhere. Wait…


bots! They’re all bots!! The whole server, this random server, was full of tough-as-nails bots that were murdering the guys. After this dawned on them they cursed these cheating bots, fought for another 10-plus minutes before saying, ‘the hell with this,’ and quitting. If they can’t win, no one gets to win – that’s the first rule of Chaos is Gaming, enacted.

Screw you, bots.