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Bud and Will are villainous – but you all knew that. In this case, though, there’s proof – and it’s in DC Universe Online. Bud took his old evil avatar, Frozen Tomb (originally seen in this live blog) and joined up with Will’s higher-level newcomer, Willchaos. Willchaos is kinda catty, as you’ll soon see. The guys supply some commentary on some scrapbook pictures.

DC Universe Online

Bud: There we are! I’m on the left, you’re on the right. Funny how we picked the same color scheme on accident.

Will: Look at the short little man on the ground. How’s the weather down there, runt?

Bud: It’s cool. I’m cool… it’s all cool when you’re Frozen Tomb.

Will: What’s that red balloon in the background?

Bud: It’s a Chinese lantern. We’re in Chinatown so… dammit, that’s not what we’re here to talk about. Back on topic!

DC Universe Online

Bud: Here I’m trying to fly to you… but I don’t fly. I glide. Gliding sucks.

Will: You should have taken flying lessons, slowpoke.

Bud: Hey, I’m a speed runner. I can run up walls, across ceilings, and jump up buildings. I’m not that slow. I just can’t fly.

Will: Well, that is kind of sad.

Bud: *pout*

DC Universe Online

Will: Who wants to sit down?

Bud: Wha…?

Will: Furniture store!

Bud: That’s ok… I’m good.

Will: You wanna rob it then?

Bud: Ok, race you for it.

DC Universe Online

Bud: Hold still, you have something on your nose.

Will: Suicide, anyone?

Bud: … never mind.

DC Universe Online

Bud: That’s cheating.

Will: Kind of.

Bud: Get down here and play fair!

DC Universe Online

Bud: Dance fight!

Will: No, we’re sparring to kill time until the baddies respawn.

Bud: Same thing, right?


Bud: Dude, what are you doing?

Will: He’s having a nightmare.

Bud: Does it involve giant cats?

Will: Probably.

DC Universe Online

Bud: And there he is! The overgrown tabby crosses the finish line first, winning today’s Metropolis Mania 500.

Will: The first ever!

Bud: And last.

Will: It’s a race of death.

DC Universe Online

Bud: Ok, who the freaking hell is this? Who’s girl did I piss off?

Will: That’s mine, I was looking for a date.

Bud: Well you are going to need a new one – I’m going to kill this one

Will: You suck.

That’s all from today’s DCUO scrapbook. Catch more later!