AAGH Game  Center

Get ready, it’s DC Universe Online again – fashion show style.


Bud: Welcome to our Chaos is Gaming Fashion Show!: Today’s subject, Will’s cat. He’s trying not to make any vulgar jokes, and I’m trying to edit them out.

Will: I need neutered.

Bud: WHY? Why do you tell me these things??

Will: Do you want a bunch of little p…. cats… things…. running around?

Bud: STOP. Just stop. We’re analyzing your costume not the cat.


Bud: It’s Darth Kitty!

Will: Ninja kitty.

Bud: Isn’t that a Youtube video?


Will: Here’s a building top shot.

Bud: You look like a Roman gladiator.

Will: Well… you’re right. I do, don’t I?

Bud: What look were you going for here?

Will: King of the Romans!

Bud: More like Roman Belic.



Will: We’re going to the ball.

Bud: What… no. You and me? Hell no.

Will: I was talking about the Joker ball, the mini game with the presents.

Bud: … I knew that.

Will: Right.


Bud: Put some clothes on, cat!

Will: WTF? What am I wearing? I have a patch on my face. Just call me Patches.

Bud: Fits a cat.


Bud: And we’ve come full circle. Your first look!

Will: Isn’t he a cute kitty? He’s gloveless… helmetless… armorless…

Bud: He’s gear-nude.

Will: He was a tame kitty.

And thus ends todays fashion show. Let’s get one more word from our star of the show, Will.

Will: Meow.

On second thought, we’re done here.