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To the ends of the Earth, or at least to the End of Minecraft, go Bud and Will. They decide to make a few forays into the End, the final realm of Minecraft to duel the dragon that lives there. Anyone who guessed that they goofed, congrats, you’re a veteran reader here.

mpc-hc 2012-10-04 17-55-10-08

Making use of a LAN server and creative mode, Bud arms the guys with stone swords and makes and End Portal. They gird themselves and hop in.

mpc-hc 2012-10-04 17-55-16-44

Whaaa? What the… damn it all. They’re in an enclosed cube of End Stone.

mpc-hc 2012-10-04 17-55-20-19

While Bud debates their next move (with himself) Will makes to dig their way out.

mpc-hc 2012-10-04 17-55-37-51

He knocks out one block before Bud gets a bright idea. They need to go back to the real world and try again. Bud how?

mpc-hc 2012-10-04 17-55-46-55

Death by dynamite, of course.

mpc-hc 2012-10-04 17-55-51-48

mpc-hc 2012-10-04 17-55-53-02

Bye guys! They get back to the real world but are unable to build a new portal. They make a new world, build a new portal and try again.

mpc-hc 2012-10-04 17-56-04-53

This is the sight that greats Bud upon arrival. Again armed with wooden swords, Bud makes a bridge to the mainland (they’re on a floating obsidian island) and go attack the dragon.

mpc-hc 2012-10-04 17-56-36-92

Hya! Take that!

mpc-hc 2012-10-04 17-56-49-00

Oh. Oops. They try again, dying again, before Bud arms them with diamond armor, enchanted bows and enchanted diamond swords.

Next Tuesday, you’re going down now, dragon!

– to be continued