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When we last left our heroes, they had just gotten slaughtered by the Ender Dragon in Minecraft’s End realm. Now armed with much better weapons and armor (courtesy of creative mode cheating) they head once more into the breach.

mpc-hc 2012-10-22 11-40-21-61

Bud readies his bow here as the dragon approaches.

mpc-hc 2012-10-22 11-40-50-75

He manages to drive it off, but the guys can’t kill it. It keeps healing! They try to draw it away from the towers that seem to be healing it but it won’t bite.

mpc-hc 2012-10-22 11-40-55-68

Once back near the towers they continue to take heavy damage from the constantly healing dragon.

mpc-hc 2012-10-23 12-23-09-75

Bud takes a random guess and shoots at the giant towers, trying to take them out.

mpc-hc 2012-10-23 12-23-13-59

Oh, well whaddya know. It works. Can you tell they did zero research before going into this fight? That’s typical Chaos is Gaming style, right there.

mpc-hc 2012-10-23 12-23-22-43

Bud continued to take the towers out while Floata fell to his death when the Ender Dragon shoved him off the landmass.

mpc-hc 2012-10-23 12-25-24-04

With the towers down the guys finally succeed in whittling the dragon down.

mpc-hc 2012-10-23 12-22-08-09

Yeah! They did it! Between the two of them they kept someone alive in the End realm for the entirety of the fight.

mpc-hc 2012-10-23 12-22-17-78

Wow, XP from heaven!

mpc-hc 2012-10-23 12-22-20-04

Finally, the End Fountain. They’ve done it.

mpc-hc 2012-10-23 12-33-41-97

They admire they fountain before Bud grabs the egg and they dive in.

mpc-hc 2012-10-23 12-34-07-83

Success! Thanks for reading, everyone.