Hero Academy already has a large following on iOS devices (like the iPhone), but now it’s available on PC. Will and gave it a whirl the other day and came away impressed. Here are my thoughts.

Hero AcademyThe PC version comes with both the default Council squad, with it’s wizards, clerics and archers, and a special Team Fortress 2 team, They’re rather well balanced, in our experience. The TF2 team is about relentless assault while the Council is more about micro-managing your units.

Hero Academy

As you can see here, the TF2 Spy unit can backstab units for massive damage. I actually managed to backstab Will’s knight here, and then use the Sandvich item to gain a massive movement buff to go up and backstab the cleric at the top of the screen. The game can be won both by killing all of your opponents units or destroying their crystals. In this case you can see that these crystals actually have spiny vines That allows them to attack and defend themselves.  The crystals’ layout, number and style vary from map to map as the game randomly generates a new playing field each match.

Hero Academy

I refer to this screenshot as Budster’s Last Stand, or my Little Big Horn. I was down to this one cleric against Will’s entire TF2 squad. Needless to say I didn’t last long. I don’t think I’m going to do a full review on this game, but I might. If I don’t , here’s my take: Hero Academy is a fun diversion that can eat up hours of your time. The ability to minimize it (including to your system tray, with a little tweaking) makes it a great game to play while you’re surfing the web, watching videos or just need something to do while you’re supposed to be working. It will even give you a notification while minimized when it’s your move so it’s the ultimate multitasker’s game. I’d definitely recommend it, and in fact I already have to people I know. It’s good fun for all.

Alphasim out.