It’s time for another progress report for All Around Gaming Hub and its affiliates. Since our last progress update in April things have changed around here, namely the addition of Chaos of Gaming.

Originally its own site, run by Will (aka Floata) and myself it is now a built-in part of AA Gaming Hub. We were both sad to see it lose its independent status but are happy that more people get to enjoy its content. If you have been reading Chao is Gaming lately you will no doubt have noticed the plethora of Minecraft content. That is due to Will and I spending large amounts of time in the game and on our server, MaMinecraft. With that in mind let’s cover what’s going on with the server.

MaMinecraft was made open to the public months ago but it hasn’t been until recently that people have come in larger numbers. In fact we have seen the active user count by 25%. This does not count people who have only come on once or twice, don’t play regularly or those who have been banned. There have been bans, including three in three days this last week. The server staff does not like to ban people but some users have simply been unable or unwilling to comply with the simple rules that we have in place. We have instituted an application process now for new members to hopefully weed out those looking to stir up trouble, but with it being so new we don’t have any record of its success rate yet.

Back to All Around Gaming Hub proper, after a decent summer of reviews things have quieted down significantly. Currently in line for reviews are Cargo Commander, Halo 4 and FTL. I would have sworn I had already reviewed FTL but if I did I did not post it. The site in general is doing well, and our traffic is up 220% over this time last year.

Thanks for reading everyone. Alphasim out.