2012 was another big year here on All Around Gaming Hub so I wanted to recall some of my favorite articles. Here are four of my favorites, in no particular order.

 Portal 2 (PC) Aperture Science Perpetual Testing Initiative

This was one of the harder articles I wrote this year due to me struggling to make something with Valve’s Portal 2 puzzle maker. Ultimately though it turned out pretty well as I made a puzzle that worked. It doesn’t stack up to some of the the marvels of engineering on the Steam Workshop but it’s also not the worst ever designed. Mission accomplished.

Creating in Skyrim

I was mad for the Elder Scrolls Construction Set when Morrowind was big. I headed up a mod project called Modern Morrowind that, despite generating some nice interest (our mini-site for this nearly non-existent project garnered over 8k hits in about 20 days) went absolutely nowhere. After that I skipped Oblivion’s tool set before giving the Construction Set a go one more time in Skyrim. The result was fun as hell, as I produced Relentless Unrelenting Force, a plugin that turned the infamous Fus Ro Dah into a channeled spell. PC Gamer seemed to like it.

FTL Recap, Part 2 – So Close

FTL: Faster than Light is a fun game, but what I really like about is the ability to create your own narrative in your head as you play. Case in point, this article. I recapped a play through that nearly saw me beat the game with a spaceship made of matches.

Journey through the Nether, Chapters 1, 2 and 3

Imitation is said to be the sincerest form of flattery, and this article is my attempt at imitating part of an article series on PC Gamer called The Minecraft Experiment. In the part we riffed on, Tom Francis attempts to go the Nether (which was new at the time), travel as far as he could in one direction and then try to get home. Floata and I gave that a shot in this three parter, with chapters one and two featuring the Nether trip itself and the third chronicling our fateful trip home.

Those are just some of my favorite articles from the past year. Did I leave out any that you liked? Let everyone know about it in the comments.