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Ace of Spades is an interesting duck. It seems to crib features from Team Fortress 2 and Minecraft, but it never feels like either game. With only about an hour put into the game, here’s our First Opinion.

Ace of Spades

Thus far I have only tried the Multi Hill and Zombie Mode game types, and I have to say that Zombie Mode is my preferred style. In Multi Hill is essentially domination or king of the hill mode where the hill moves throughout the round. It’s similar to so many other FPS with a KotH mode with the exception of the destructibility of the map. You can dig the ground out from under your foes, bring down large structures and mine out a shortcut to your destination. Each of the four classes – Engineer, Rocketeer, Commando and Marksman – are fun to play but I like the Commando and Rocketeer the most. Commando has rockets, which are always awesome, while the rocketeer has a jetpack – also awesome. Like I said, however, I like Zombie Mode the best so far.

Ace of Spades

My most recent Zombie match saw me spawn as the first zombie and lead a brain-munching blitzkrieg across the map. so that may shade my bias a little, but the zombies are just fun to play as. You don’t have a weapon but you are able to dig twice as fast as anyone (save for maybe the Engineer with his drill rocket) and you’re really fast. You can also apparently sense the living since they all appear on the map. Personally I don’t mind losing as a survivor and turning into a zombie, meaning that losing = winning in this mode.

There’s some good fun to be had but Ace of Spades’ engine is clumsy, with graphical glitches galore and some real clipping issues. We’ll see if they get ironed out in a later review.