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This is a little later than planned but here it is nonetheless – the 2nd (and last) part of our Chaos is Gaming Scribblenauts Unlimited series.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-22-16-52

When last we left, Bud had turned Barney into a dancing purple steak. What to do, what to do?

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-23-08-59

Pull out an automatic rifle, what else?

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-23-10-31

Step one is to try it out on that tough little girl, who I learn isn’t quite as tough as I thought. Automatic rifle > Little Girl, apparently. (see the last post for more on our toughness hierarchy)

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-23-18-96

Die dancing purple steak!

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-23-19-61

Stop hiding behind children, steak! Oh, and sorry kid.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-23-50-93

With the steak finally dead Bud pulls out a rocket launcher to deal with the horrible threat of a dolly laying evilly on the street.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-23-52-13

Threat neutralized.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-23-56-89

Trying to remove the automatic rifle with a rocket at close range has some side effects.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-23-58-70

Ok that sucked. Reload.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-24-24-04

If a normal rocket launcher is good, a giant rocket launcher has to be better right?

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-24-30-59

The clown, the one who survived an atomic explosion and assault by a tank can’t survive a head-on blast from the giant rocket launcher. Maxwell is turning this city into a ghost town.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-25-01-93

With the now-open streets the guys take Maxwell for a ride on the world’s lousiest ‘fast motorcycle.’

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-25-02-70

Oops, the streets aren’t quite empty. Well, if the streets aren’t empty, the skies will be for sure.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-25-26-89

A fighter jet is summoned, but despite multiple attempts, they can’t shoot this blue jay. That means that either they suck as fighter pilots or that jay is The One. Let’s just name him Neo to be safe.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-25-44-74

Bud, still at the controls, intentionally wrecks the jet in the pool. This gives him an idea.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-25-56-31

Solve this equation: Kid…

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-26-04-65

. plus Toaster…

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-26-10-54

… plus open pool of water equal what?

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-26-12-38

Toast, anyone?

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-26-36-61

The guys immediately feel bad and decide to eulogize their victim with an atomic flaming cake. Like you do.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-26-40-78

The cake ticks, the cake burns….

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-26-42-27

… and burns itself out before exploding. Total let down.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-27-09-75

If burning atomic things burn out before blowing, let’s try freezing an atomic person and see what happens.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-27-22-93

Ok that works. Fun!

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-27-48-57

Maxwell is set to ‘giant’ for fun. It has an unintended side effect.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-27-53-63

Grab Neo!

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-27-54-69

You just try bending The Matrix now, Neo.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-29-33-70

We submit a blind, dumb spitting frog for your approval. Don’t ask why, ask why not.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-30-18-04

Hey, remember our infamous Flying Chicksquirrels from the first part? Giant ones make great mounts.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-30-29-29

The guys found a red bird sitting peacefully atop a building and opt to share some of the Flying Chicksquirrels birdseed.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-30-32-38

In case you forgot, Chicksquirrels fire birdseed as a weapon.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-30-36-49

Nuclear birdseed, naturally.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-31-30-97

Who wins in a fight between a Flying Chicksquirrel and a giant Maxwell with a dagger?

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-31-32-34

Maxwell. Maxwell always wins. Well, unless he doesn’t.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-31-55-87

For example, we can’t kill Neo the Matrix-bending blue jay.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-32-05-84

The guys try to end their play session by killing Maxwell but a flood doesn’t do it.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-32-59-54

They even try adding ‘dead’ to Maxwell’s growing list of adjectives. It didn’t work either. So what to do?

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-33-30-23

Obviously you summon an angry devil…

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-33-33-95

… who is apparently female …

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-33-44-26

… and arm it with a chainsaw.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-34-00-28

And Maxwell’s dead.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-34-04-37

No, you don’t say. How did that happen?

That’s all folks. I hope you enjoyed the two-part Scribblenauts Unlimited mayhem. Let us know what you think and if you want more of this kind of thing.