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What do you get when you combine a couple of players bent on creating chaos in a game that allows all sorts of creative mayhem? Allot of crazy antics but zero plot or story. Just the way we like it!

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-10-54-20

Scribblenauts features the goal of freeing Maxwell’s sister whats-her-name from a stone curse by doing good deeds.

Scribble 2013-01-22 01-52-55-91

Sorry sis! You’re on your own today. We have trouble to cause.

Scribble 2013-01-22 01-53-20-78

Will’s first suggestion was that Bud (who was at the controls) make a flying squirrel with a chicken’s head. Ok, sure.

Scribble 2013-01-22 01-53-29-62

Bud then made it a killer flying squirrel with a chicken head that fired birdseed that exploded in a nuclear blast.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-14-37-07

Meet the Flying ChickSquirrel!

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-14-55-08

Awesome, we know. It wouldn’t attack us (too nice, these Flying ChickSquirrels) so we pulled out a pistol and shot it, trying to make it angry enough to attack.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-14-58-46

One shot, one kill. Nice, ChickSquirrels may be. Tough, not so much.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-15-12-87

So that didn’t work. Another one was written into existence, though this one an Angry Flying ChickSquirrel.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-15-30-35

That didn’t end well.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-15-58-44

Will wanted to nuke the nearby farmer so Bud placed a nuclear warhead and set it off by hand. Like you do.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-16-01-39

They stand back and await the fireworks.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-16-09-79

The big boom goes off and while Maxwell survives, he’s now irradiated. Great! What’s the best thing to do when covered in life threatening radioactive particles?

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-16-37-18

Go to town and share it with everyone else! No one else was affected though so some help was called upon to increase the mayhem factor.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-17-02-71

“Tanks” for nothing!

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-17-06-82

The clown bravely takes a shot to the face from the main cannon, and lives. So, on the toughness scale we have Flying ChickSquirrels<Maxwell<Clowns. Lesson: Don’t mess with clowns.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-17-07-91

Unless, that is, you want a free Starite shard. We don’t know what we did to get it, but we’ll take it.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-17-15-83

Failing to kill the clown prompted Bud to try making his tank an Atomic Tank to improve it’s potency. Maybe it would fire nukes!… Wait, why is the tank ticking?

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-17-36-55

Oh no, oh no… run!!

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-17-45-52

Ok that didn’t go as planned. On the plus side though, the clown is dead. So now it’s Flying ChickSquirrels< Maxwell< Clowns<Atomic Tanks. The hierarchy grows.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-18-45-80

The guys opt to summon a Frisbee to play with, and hopefully stay out of trouble for a short.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-18-55-22

Unfortunately Frisbee is a trademarked term and not in the game so they end up with a frigate instead.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-19-16-37

One more try, and with a Flying ChickSquirrel summoned and Flying Disc (aka unlicensed Frisbee) in hand, it’s time to try and anger the ChickSquirrel by hitting it with the disc.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-19-19-26

Dammit, we killed another ChickSquirrel. That makes it Flying ChickSquirrels<Flying Disc<Maxwell…. you get the picture.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-19-34-69

We threw our flying disc (still a Frisbee if you ask us) at the girl to try and play, but only made her mad.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-19-44-47

Wow. Take that hierarchy list we’ve been working on and put pissed-off little girls somewhere between Maxwell and clowns (and way above Flying ChickSquirrels).

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-19-51-69

And she keeps moving up in the ranks, randomly attacking tourists. And.. WAIT! The clown lives?!  Damn, move him to the top of the list, ahead of Atomic Tanks. Ok girl and clown, both of you – in to the ring. No-hold-barred death match. My money’s on the clown – the little girl just endured a Frissssss… flying disc to the face. The clown survived a tank and an atomic blast.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-20-53-18

Actually, let’s just summon a Giant Exploding Roach instead.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-20-55-07

That was pointlessly fun.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-21-18-12

After writing a T-Rex into existence Bud makes it a Dancing Purple dinosaur.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-21-20-74

At that point, Will tells him he just made a Barney. Oh no. Oh no no no. This can’t stand.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-21-47-80

A sword is brought to bear and the menace eliminated. That left the guys with an even more disturbing problem.

Scribble 2013-01-20 18-22-16-52

The dead dino left behind dancing purple steak. Read that again.

Check back on Thursday to see what happens to Maxwell, the steak and this (formerly) quiet city.

Update: Minor complications mean that the update will come next week. Sorry for the confusion.