Do you like the idea of medieval combat with sword and board, dodging arrows and fighting hand-to-hand with other players? If so then you ought to give Chivalry a try this weekend on Steam, because it’s free for the next few days.

Chivalry: Medieval Combat

I just booted it up for a short to see what the action was like and the melee combat has a somewhat physical feel to it. The ranged combat seems way too slow for my tastes, regardless if you have the long bow or crossbow. I went through the training section, which bugged out on me quite a few times. I had one text prompt get lodged in the center of the screen, which blocked any other prompts from showing up. That left me guessing what to do for the rest of the tutorial. Of course even when the prompts were working they were somewhat useless since the keys they suggested were sometimes inaccurate.

I haven’t given the multiplayer a go but I did test out the AI bots. If I can give you any tips whatsoever about this game, let this be it: DO NOT PLAY WITH THE BOTS. They are the most brain-dead, bugged-to-hell AI opponents I have ever seen. Getting stuck on scenery and fighting poorly are just the start of their issues. Seriously, if you’re going to give this a go, take it online.

Alphasim out.