Minecraft has gotten allot of attention here (and, well, everywhere else to be honest) but allow us to cover another gem pertaining to the indie smash hit – Super Craft Bros. Brawl.

Standing as almost a new game, SCBB is a replication of the Nintendo title, Super Smash Bros. Brawl in Minecraft. You and up to three other players join this vanilla Minecraft map – no mods or server needed – and join a match as one of eight different classes, each representing one of Minecraft’s many mobs, plus, of all things, a cactus. Each comes with its own costume and weaponry designed to imitate the mob (or renegade Caryophyllales) they’re named after. For example the blaze has flaming arrows and a blaze rod that does fire damage, while the aforementioned cactus is notable for the Thorns enchant on its armor.

There are six maps covering different Minecraft zones, from a Nether fort to an NPC village (complete with NPCs to get in the way) to the End. Each plays very differently and favors a certain class or play style. The cramped corridors of the stronghold greatly benefit melee combat and ambushes while the mushroom island map with its wide open spaces is perfect for ranged combat.

Recently Floata and I played almost a dozen matches with our friends Zsturgess and Essemm and while we didn’t do real well (actually, it they feasted on the newbies, i.e. us) it was a blast nonetheless. I was doing so poorly that at one point when I had four lives left compared to one or less for everyone else  Essemm was nigh incredulous.

You can find the download link on this YouTube video by its creator, so give it a go yourselves.

Alphasim out