We’re in another lull here at All Around Gaming Hub, waiting for games to arrive to review. Let’s look forward a few weeks and see what we have in store.

We’re currently waiting on a copy of LEGO City Undercover for the Wii U, so that should be our next review. I was expecting it to be here by now but apparently there was a shipping issue that prevented it from getting to me. I also want to take a stab at BioShock Infinite but that will have to wait, due to a lack of immediate funds (and developer donations). Two more games that I would like to review here are Trials Evolution Gold Edition and Age of Empires II HD.

Chaos is Gaming’s Will and I started down the road to RTS fandom with the original Age of Empires II in the early 2000s. We would play for hours and hours, with my most vivid memory being of chasing the remnants of a purple empire (I don’t remember their faction anymore, just their color) all across the map. We would wipe out what we thought was their last settlement, and by the time we got done a settler would have wandered off and built another town center, and the cycle would continue. Apparently Age of Empires II HD won’t support LAN which disappoints – but doesn’t surprise – me. It comes out on Steam on April 9th. I may yet get around to reviewing The Cave as well but no promises. Lastly, I’m still debating whether to review Nintendo Land.

All in all we’re getting our backs in gear to continue to provide you with quality content so stick around.

Alphasim out.