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Low level World of WarCraft is a quaint time. You’re not raiding, you’re not hard-core PvP’ing, you’re not grinding for gear. You’re just questing, wide-eyed and excited. Bud and Will have been playing WoW for different lengths of time but now they’re leveling together. Let’s continue their tale.


When last we left our intrepid heroes, they had just hit the lofty level of 10. The world is theirs!


On one hand we have Ladreaver, the night elf hunter controlled by Will, and his pet cat Cat. This is Will’s first time through World of WarCraft, so he’s using Bud as his guide. Bud is playing Pokeypop, the night elf priest. Bud played WoW for about four years and was max level through Cataclysm as his main, a human Paladin. He hasn’t given Mists of Pandaria the time of day.


The guys bypass the gnoll quests in west Elwynn Forest and jump straight into Westfall. They question and kill a number of homeless farmers about some crime somewhere (they don’t read quest text much). They complete that quest and go to collect their reward but are stuck when Ladreaver’s inventory was full and he didn’t want to drop anything to make room. Will than had to go afk for about 10 minutes so Bud took Pokeypop on a hunt for a store so Lad could sell his stuff and they could move on.


He found the nearest merchant by backtracking to Westbrook Garrison in Elwynn. While he waited for Lad to get back he went into Shadowmeld form. Lad got back to his keys, ran to Pop on the map, while Pop laughed quietly as Lad looked for him all around the building. Once he uncloaked they sold their excess goods and went back to complete that quest.


Finally, they finish the quest and get the next two: kill murlocs and gnolls for ‘clues’ to whatever the crime is they’re trying to help solve. They should really read the quest text once in a while. Bud instinctively shuddered – he hates murlocs, and gnolls almost as much.


Thankfully the quests go rather smoothly, aside from fighting other players for spawns and Lad again reaching full capacity in his bags and not wanting to toss stuff out to make room for the quest items. Occasionally Lad and Cat would run ahead, and Pop would get caught out by a rogue mob. The pic above was one of those times.


As the last of the murlocs fell and dropped the clue the guys wanted, they finally hit level 11. Success! Elapsed time, 2 hours.

Next time they’ll push for level 12.