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For today’s Chaos is Gaming article, Will and I are starting a series of articles about revisiting MaMinecraft how it used to be. We’ll be travelling back in time to various save point to see how the server has evolved and changed over the past year and a half. Without any further ado, let us begin.

Date: 9/17/2011

1st monthjava 2013-03-10 12-10-46-85

Here’s the original spawn point. When Will and I first arrived here back in August, 2011 we landed in this sand plot and wandered off to build a home. What did we build?

java 2013-03-10 12-10-57-11

Why, Bud Castle of course. Even this early, Bud Castle existed.

java 2013-03-10 12-12-55-87

Visitors to MaMinecraft may or may not recognize this area right away. This is outside of the food room under Bud Castle, where I had been goofing around rails while Will built the castle.

java 2013-03-10 12-14-51-17

This is the portal room beneath Bud Castle. There’s no storage room, the roof is only two blocks high and it’s exposed to the nearby cave system (produced by way of TNT).

java 2013-03-10 12-16-14-10

Here’s a view from atop Bud Castle, showing how empty the world used to be.

java 2013-03-10 12-17-28-10

No one will recognize this hill, mostly because it’s not in the game anymore. It’s Mt. Kaboom, before it’s fateful detonation.

java 2013-03-10 12-18-44-62

This is the site of Mt. Kaboom #2, which – as you can see – is also doing just fine.

Date: 10/12/2011

2nd monthjava 2013-03-10 12-19-24-25

A month later, Will had dug out the entire spawn point for sand to make glass, making a bit of a death trap that would haunt him later.

java 2013-03-10 12-24-07-97

The glass was needed as we had begun to glass in the area in front of Bud Castle. You can see how, before my farm was here, we had a a small lawn with a  table and “chair”.

java 2013-03-10 12-19-47-19

Will had also produced the walled-in pool near Bud Castle. It surprises me sometimes how old some of this stuff is.

java 2013-03-10 12-20-27-27

Remember me showing the pre-detonation Mt. Kaboom? Here is is, shortly after the explosion.

java 2013-03-10 12-22-34-88

Similarly, here’s Mt. Kaboom #2. Despite the original Mt. Kaboom’s reputation, this was actually the larger of the two explosions.

java 2013-03-10 12-26-20-95

Lastly, here was a little device I was playing with back then. Visitors to MaMinecraft may recognize the design.

That’s it for now. Next week we’ll look at two more recent time periods on MaMinecraft.