Starting with our next review, we will be using a revised scoring system. While familiar, I wanted to go over what’s changing with everyone.


First, we will be doing away with the Pros and Cons box out. We want to consolidate the final score for ease of use and adding pros and cons to the star score, plus a 1 to 100 score was too complicated. So why do away with that instead of the star scores? Because the star scores are being improved by use of a weighted final star score.  With the various ratings worth different amounts in the final score we can weight some ratings as more important to the experience.

Ultimately I know that some people oppose a scoring system in the first place and will see this as a dumbing down of All Around Gaming Hub. I ask that you keep in mind that the review is the text above the score; the score is just a quick summation of the review. The reviews themselves will keep their value and will even grow in importance with the pros and cons box out now out of the picture. Hopefully you will all like the new scoring system and appreciate the change.

Alphasim out.