Last week Lucas Arts was shuttered by Disney, and we didn’t post anything on the issue. The reason being, I wasn’t sure what to write. After reading about it for a few days and stewing on it, I’ve come up with some thoughts.

I don’t have vivid memories of allot of games that Lucas Arts has put out, to be honest. I have never been one to play adventure games so I missed their earliest (and usually most beloved) works like Secret of Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle. I also skipped their space flight-and-fight titles, X-Wing and Tie Fighter. The first game of theirs I even touched was Star Wars: Dark Forces, and even then just a demo.

In the 2000s I played a few more games, such as the first three LEGO Star Wars titles. I gave Knights of the Old Republic – probably their most successful game, critically anyway, of the decade (no surprise now, with BioWare working on it) – a shot but unfortunately didn’t get far. In fact the only game of theirs that I have really put serious time into was Star Wars: Battlefront II. I played the original but it was the sequel that I loved, and I still go back and play it occasionally.

Those two paragraphs explain why I didn’t have a strong opinion on the closure of Lucas Arts. I know I have missed some classic games that I should really go back and try, and maybe that will be their legacy to me. By being shut down they reminded me of games that I haven’t tried but should. That would be the one positive result from this event, and every dark cloud needs a silver lining.

Alphasim out.