Again late to the party, I have finally able to get around to playing Bioshock Infinite. Being so far behind the curve I was going to go ahead and skip it, but after doing that with Assassins Creed III and Dishonored (two of the bigger games last year) I decided to give it a shot and postpone covering Monaco for now, which places us even further behind. In any event, here’s my Bioshock Infinite First Opinion.

The first thing to cross my mind: these graphics are dynamite. They may not be the most high-tech but the art style is astounding and the use of the technology is great as well. It also performs very well on my mid-range system, with only occasional hitches as the game loads in new areas.

Bioshock Infinite

The world itself is a great front; it’s just a façade, and doesn’t go very deep, but it really sets the stage for the story. I almost wished I could have wandered around and taken in the sights for hours rather than start the story. Once the dark side of the plot reveals itself though, it’s easy to mow down hordes of enemies since the controls are spot-on. Grappling about and using the sky rail are much more streamlined than I expected and easy to grasp. Vigors the special powers of the game are introduced in force much earlier than I expected, but that makes the combat even more varied.

So far I’m an hour into the game, so this beauty may – like Columbia’s – be only skin deep. We will find out in a future review.