AAGH Game  Center

Well today we explore a game where Bud and I are out for blood. This high pack thriller is fun when with friends or just slaughtering on your own. We take a look at the beginning as we fly through the air in a missile-like thing. Then we go head on in to battle Excluding Bud who used his head and not just rely on pure dumb luck. As a recap we had plenty of tight spots which Bud had to rescue me from the terrible creatures of death that pushed on ward toward us, and promptly discovered the tactic “jump ‘n shoot'” which works fairly well and has its benefits cause when I jump n shoot he reloads and vice-verse.  This tactic in gaming does not always work well, and should be used at your own discretion. We have played many years together so this tactic works with us. Anyway, we won and the bastards that shot me were punished. Yay….