Here’s something different for everyone; I made a Minecraft challenge map. It’s in a playable state so now I release it for everyone to try. I have entitled it Tower Demolition, or just TowerDemo for short.


In TowerDemo, you’re tasked with destroying a tower without being able to reach said tower. That means that you are reliant on the likes of TNT to blow it up from a distance, using cannons, dispensers, minecarts, or the some other method to get the destructive payload to your target. I’ve tested it solo, co-op with Jverde and with co-op with Floata and had no problems so far. The biggest hurdle is the five minute time limit you’re given and the simple fact that you’re forced to keep your distance from the tower.


You play in creative mode so your options are endless. To spice things up, here are a few custom challenges you can try while playing the map.

– Build a TNT-powered cannon to destroy the tower

– Give yourself a limited number of TNT and stick to that number

– Make an automated demolition system that you can build, start up and than walk away from

– Destroy the tower in as few TNT blocks as possible

– Destroy the tower in the shortest time you can

– Team up with other players for synchronized demolition

Those are just a few ideas I came up with. Give it a shot for yourself here.