UPDATE: Apparently, quite a few people were unhappy with the implants, because Sony has backpedaled on the situation. In a tweet, President of Sony Online Entertainment John Smedley has stated that they (Sony) have gone back to the drawing board with implants, and they will not be part of Game Update 13. I am personally very pleased with that decision.

ORIGINAL POST: Planetside 2’s 13th game update is coming soon, and with it the likely end of my interest in the game. I’ve played it on and off since it launched last November and enjoyed myself but I haven’t been playing as much as I used to, and that has left me handicapped.

I applauded Sony for a serviceable free to play format that didn’t lock classes or maps behind fees, but what they haven’t managed as well is player power. When you’re not playing regularly, earning certification points to improve your avatar at a steady pace, it’s too easy to run into players with greatly buffed damage, shields or class powers that will blast your underpowered butt to oblivion.

Planetside 2

Everyone I used to play with has long since stopped playing due to this but I’ve held on by getting lucky with good squads. However, the upcoming Game Update 13 will be adding new Implants that will do such things as hide you on enemy radars, regenerate health and auto-spot nearby enemies. That just puts casual players further behind the eight ball. MMORPGs that include organized PvP usually separate their player groups by level to preserve balance, but Planetside 2 can’t really do that.

That leaves me cold on Planetside 2 now, which is sad because I really loved playing earlier on. In the end, though I value my blood pressure enough that I’m going to stop feeding the wolves. See ya, Planetside 2.

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