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At first glance Cube World looks like a Minecraft/Terraria knock off, with the 3D world of Minecraft married with the combat and adventure focus of Terraria. In reality, that pretty much nails Cube World in its Alpha build phase, which – by the way – you can now acquire. Yes, following the Minecraft line a little further, you can buy into the Alpha version today and try Cube World for yourself. I did, and here’s what transpired.

I created a few characters, including Bumdut the human warrior and Boggy the frogman rogue, but my greatest success so far was as Mugic the elf mage. However, he didn’t get off to the best start.

Cube World

I was greeted by this after creating Mugic and generating his world. The loading screen, plus numbers popping up and the sound of damage being done. It was obvious someone was hitting me while the game loaded. Hurry up, Cube World, so I can save myself!

Cube World

The game finally loaded and I saw this. Wonderful. Onionlings, three of them, killed me before I even saw my world. NPCs that spawn camp – just what gaming needs.

Cube World

Reviving at a nearby Revive Shrine, I explored for a while and got almost halfway to level 2. With his devastating fire spells, Mugic was much more capable than Bumdut or Boggy ever were, which just reinforces the whole “mages are OP” RPG stigma.

Cube World

I eventually reached level 2, which is better than Bumdut or Boggy ever got. Fighting is the only way to accrue XP right now and in my experience going toe-to-toe melee-style is not the way to go. Cube World is very early in its development cycle but is still some fun to play. It’s very “grindy” in its present state but that will hopefully change as it grows.

Alphasim out.

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