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With Saints Row IV’s Inauguration Station launching yesterday on Steam, PSN and Xbox Live, players can now create their own anti-heroes for the upcoming mayhem maker. With that in mind I wanted to see what kind of fun – and trouble – I could get into with this new toy.

Naked characters are overdone (not to mention, not suited for this site), and creating someone new would be too easy. Instead, I take a global gaming icon through the years. With the focus on alien invasions and low-brow humor, I could think of no other target than that poster child for vaporware and 90’s machismo, Duke Nukem.

Saints Row IV Inauguration Station

I created what I thought was a relatively decent Duke-a-like form his heyday in the early to mid 1990s here. His possibly PED-enhanced chest and arms bulging out from under his red muscle shirt, he’s ready to kick ass and chew…. you know what? That’s too cheap. I’m not even going there. In my next build I take on my vision of a post-Duke Nukem Forever era Duke.

Saints Row IV Inauguration Station

Looking more Neo-in-The-Matrix-on-steroids than Duke Nukem, age has toned down the buff biceps and he looks a little bit more mature, but he’s still Duke. I wasn’t satisfied with this though – oh, no. I had to know, what would Grandpa Duke look like?

Saints Row IV Inauguration Station

Something like this, probably. He’s putting on weight, his hair’s thinning and turning white, but dammit, he’s still Duke Nukem and he still thinks he’s the baddest man on Earth – so long as he gets his Metamucil, and God forbid some alien scum tries to stop his Price is Right reruns.

So I’ve been using the new Inauguration Station to envision aging PC gaming heroes. If you’ve tried it, let us know in the comments below what you’ve been up to.