Rogue Legacy, new “Rogue-lite” 2D platformer that turns lineage into power as you send generations of your family tree into kill zones in an attempt to get just a little more money and treasure. It’s a disturbing message, but is it a fun game? Let’s take a quick look.

My first life in Rogue Legacy lasted about 30 seconds. My 2nd lasted half of that. The reasons include the hazardous traps like hidden spikes in the floor to maliciously arranged enemies and a complete sense of unpredictability due to the random castle that changes each time you enter. I put about over a dozen of my heirs to their death in under 30 minutes, each making little to no further progress. However, collectively they were advancing my own castle and the gear I was taking into the castle each trip. Gear you earn is passed on to the next heir in line so continued play begets more power.

Rogue Legacy

That would be interesting in and of itself, but the traits system (including ADHD, OCD, near/far sightedness, and many more) makes each heir a little different. An ADHD heir moves faster, for example, while a nearsighted one sees everything outside of his immediate area as a blur (I can relate).

I have allot more heirs to kill before rendering a review, so spare a thought for my little pixilated people as you go about your day – or pick up Rogue Legacy and kill some of your own. Either way works.