Sometimes games slip through the cracks here at All Around Gaming Hub. It’s inevitable that we can’t review everything but once in a while a big game that we intend to cover doesn’t get its due in time. In the past we’ve moved on, letting the work on the review languish in favor of more up-to-date coverage. Today, we’re introducing our Quick Scores, micro reviews of games that we missed a reasonable window on. Our first two Quick Scores are Bioshock Infinite and Pikmin 3.

Bioshock Infinite (PC)

Bioshock InfiniteI loved the large, beautiful set pieces that reminded me The Witcher 2, only grander. The gunplay was decent and the firearms had a solid kick to them but aiming and finding who was shooting at you was clumsy at times. The Vigors were fun to experiment with in combination with each other. Visually, Bioshock Infinite was both technically and artistically splendid with great use of lighting and color. The dynamic hijinks on the sky rails adds a fast, mobile element to the action that took time to get used to but is perhaps Bioshock Infinite’s most memorable gameplay feature. The story is solid if a little preachy and Elizabeth is right out of the Alex Vance book of “How to do Sidekick Characters Right.” Bioshock Infinite is a great game, and one that anyone who plays shooters should have in their library.

Final Score: 9

Pikmin 3 (Wii U)

Pikmin 3With three main characters to control, Pikmin 3 is more flexible and open ended then previous Pikmin titles. Controlling one of three tiny explorers, you order various species of Pikmin around to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and most importantly collect fruit for your starving planet. Playing with a Wii remote and nunchuck attachment makes a big tossing your plant people a breeze but it’s hampered by the constant need to also have the Wii U controller nearby as well, just about making this a three- or four-handed game. Visually, it looks like a Pikmin, with nothing that stands out. Aside from the control issues, this is another good entry in the Pikmin series. The expansion to three playable characters and the ability to split them up is the lynchpin to Pikmin 3’s success. A must own for Wii U owners.

Final Score: 8