AAGH Game  Center

This update is awesome , new biomes new flowers, new creatures and new fun. The best part of this update is it is free. Yay, free. However, on  a more serious note it makes it a lot easier to maneuver and to be involved with Minecraft. The update it self has changed the game play more mobs and monsters , more things to dig up and more  things to run over. We have updated MaMinecraft to the newest biomes and it is exciting to find and discover the new biomes and playing fields. There are 10 new flowers, 3 new fish, and newer potions, as well as new achievements and tree types and new particles. In my experience I have not found all these how ever I know they are there, I have had many years of playing in Minecraft and enjoying the many different things to do in the seperate worlds.  I how ever spend most of my time digging as most of our server members can vouch for.

Will and his Horse

– Will