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Almost one year ago, Will and Bud attempted a challenge in Minecraft, to go to the nether, travel afar and make a safe journey home. Now, they are going to attempt a similar challenge, this time in a versus manner. They start at a singular point, type /spreadplayers to go 2500 blocks away from spawn and 1000 from each other, and attempt to race home. It’s the great Chaos is Gaming Minecraft Race, and it begins now.


Will and Bud gather their inventories before setting out: a suit of iron armor, a set of iron tools (plus a sword), a stack of torches, and a compass.

Will: As I look into a box of stuff wondering what is in store for the future event. I noticed all iron armor and tools/weapons, thinking to myself “let’s kill us some zombies, creepers and skeletons.” I then realized that this is a race to the end glass holding cell.


Will flips the switch and the race begins!


Unfortunately they both get stuck in a blue void for about 30 seconds before they can begin.

Will: Boo, void.

Bud: Agreed. This was the worst part of the whole thing.


Will begins in a desert.

Will: My first area of landing: the desert. Yay, sand.


Bud begins in a forest.

Will: Chop it down so we can see each other

Bud: Nope, I’m too busy trying to win this race.


Bud kills pigs for kicks, wasting valuable time.

Bud: Hey, I was bored and wanted some extra food. Pigs are expendable, anyway.

Will: Die pigs, die!


Will traipses through a savanna on his way home.

Will: Lalala lala la la… on my merry way.


He eventually crosses into another desert, but this one is different.

Will: More sand and a savanna. Yay team,, a walk through two horribly hot areas.

Bud: What’s that in the middle of the picture?


He finds a well and nearby a desert fortress

Will: The first encounter with a sand castle/fort. Nothing much to see, but still cool looking.

Bud: Agreed.


He took many pictures of the fortress.

Will: More photos of the sand place.

Bud: Coordinates, too. Now all we need’s the seed.


A ravine separated Will from escaping the scorching sun of the desert.

Bud: Uh, careful there, man.

Will: No prob .. I’m gonna jump over this

Bud: You’re allot more brave than I am.


Bud, meanwhile got caught up digging up spiders, a dangerous and fruitless endeavor.

Bud: No excuse. I don’t know what I was thinking.

Will: I do, it’s the mole tactic, dig and dodge.


Not again, Will. More desert?

Will: Surprise, surprise… more sand, and a little river.

Bud: Gonna start calling you the sandman.

Will: Yay, I love sleep!


Bud on the other hand has and extreme hills biome between him and home.

Bud: This was the hardest part of my journey. These mountains slowed me down a great deal.

Will: I see coal.

Bud: I’m not surprised you spotted coal, you’re addicted to the stuff.


After miles of sand dunes, Will gets his feet wet in the ocean.

Will: Well holy crap, an ocean. Guess it’s better than a desert.

Bud: Nice, now how about making a boat?


Bud continues to climb mountains.

Bud: Anyone got a helicopter? I want airlifted out.


A savanna! Bud thinks he’s won and starts to celebrate.

Bud: YES! We started in a savanna, so I must be near home. I’m gonna win!

Will: Little does he know that I’m closing in.


Part of celebration is a red leather victory hat.

Bud: Every good victory needs a victory hat.

Will: I should have told Bud but I was fighting a chicken.

Bud: Why…?


However, his celebration is premature: this is the wrong savanna and night is falling.

Bud: Craaaaaap. Now not only am I not near home, it’s getting dark.


Will comes across another ocean and decides to make a boat.

Bud: Yay, boat. Wait, why am I cheering for this again? A boat gives you a better chance to win! No boat for you!

Will: I did jump over an entire ocean.

Bud: Do it again!


Bud, meanwhile, buries himself in the dirt and starts to tunnel.

Bud: I’m not taking my chances topside. I’m going to tunnel home, because I can’t be that far.


Will sets his boat in the water and sails away.

Will: Well, since I’m traveling over an ocean I guess a boat might be in order.Nothing like the water.

Bud: I said NO BOAT! Gah, I’m so going to lose


Bud accidentally unburies himself, exposing himself to the monsters of the night.

Bud: Crap, I found the mobs. Time to run!


Will on the other hand sails peacefully out to sea.

Will: Man this is like a total wash out. I see only water now. I think i preferred the desert.

Bud: Aren’t we picky.


Bud gets brave and make a run for home, figuring he has to be close.

Bud: Home can’t be far away, I swear. Run for my life!


However, it’s Will who’s within spitting distance of the goal.



Not even a spider attack can slow him down.

Will: Die spider!


Victory! Will wins the race with a time of 13 minutes and 25 seconds.

Will: WINNER WINNER WINNER! Yay me, I finally got out of the open area. Now let’s wait for Bud.

Bud: Crap. I still don’t see the end!


Bud on the other hand is nowhere near.

Bud: This sucks.


Some five minutes later, the goal is in sight for Bud.


He hits the button, completing the race in 19 minutes 3 seconds.

Bud: Finally! I thought I was so much closer than that.

Will: Yay Bud. A simple route home is always diverted



Will wins! Hubris may have cost Bud this race.

Bud: Good game… now let me chop you to pieces.

Will: Good game, and I’m gonna get you back for chopping me.

Thanks for reading everyone. We’ll do this again sometime. If you have any suggestions for races or challenges, let us know in the comments.