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Chicken Boom, this artistic form of death to the aviary creatures of stank, is probably the funniest game I’ve played in years, if only for the fact that this game basically requires no mental effort, only hand/eye coordination and common sense.

Chicken Boom

The term WTF have come to mind on how this concept was added in to our library of fun. At first we had the basic idea, if we make something it should be attractive to our viewers without them feeling as if we are implying that it is OK to kill real creatures. That was our first task. So we mulled around awhile and thought hey everyone indulges in chicken, like chicken fighting and farming them, but who came out with shooting them. Well, we did exactly that and made one even better than just mutilating them. Just simple pops of feathers and blood-like drops – no graphic violence, just a game to pass time end enjoy yourself.

– Will