UPDATE: The throngs of Pokemasters in chat have done it: in just under sixteen and a half days, they have beaten the game. Congrats to the concept’s creator, Twitch, and the many people who participated for such an amazing accomplishment. You can see the climatic battle here.

Original story: The internet is an absolutely amazing place with absolutely amazing people creating absolutely amazing things. One of those things is the new Twitch Plays Pokemon, perhaps the first crowd-played video game.


It’s basically the original Gameboy Pokemon streamed via Twitch, except the game is controlled by commands entered by viewers in chat. You type things like up, down, b or a and it’s translated via a parser into controlling the game. With thousands of people entering commands it gets crazy but progress is being made into the game. You can see it for yourself at on Twitch or in the embedded player below.

Watch live video from TwitchPlaysPokemon on www.twitch.tv