One of the first MMOs I reviewed here on AAGH was Free Realms, back in 2009. I have always had something of a soft spot for it and its world, so I am sad to say that Free Realms is closing the evening of March 31st.

While not the most popular of MMOs it was always relaxing to me, a game I could play when I wanted to unwind. You knew what you were getting when you logged in – bright colors, happy creatures and some low-stress gameplay. To help players enjoy the end of Free Realms’ road, Sony Online Entertainment has reduced all items in the in-game shop to one Station Credit. If you haven’t played Free Realms it’s obviously too late to start, but if you have fond memories – as I do – now is your last chance to play. I still think that MMO code should be made open source when a game shuts down for good to keep the experience alive for those who continue to enjoy it, but that’s a pipe dream. Farewell, Free Realms, it’s been fun.

Free Realms Sunset