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The annual Steam summer sale has arrived, and with it comes the chance to acquire many a game at a discounted rate. As is tradition, they’re rotating their primary sales stock daily as well as offering flash sales for shorter durations. This is all typical Steam sale fare. This year, there is a twist in the form of a Summer Adventure.

Steam Summer Sale Summer Adventure

Go purple team!

In what seems to amount to a race to accumulate the most summer sale badges, this team-based challenge is tallied daily and the winning team has 30 members get three items off of their wish list for free. I’m on the purple team, so it’s nice that we won day one, if only because I’m competitive that way. This is a fun, simple way for Valve to spin up interest in people collecting and crafting Steam badges and draw further attention to their summer sale (like that was needed). Today’s sales include the likes of Prison Architect ($10.19/66% off) and Game Dev Tycoon ($3.99/60% off), among others, so check it out – as if you haven’t already.