Mario drives a Mercedes. So can Yoshi, Bowser, Princess Peach and any other racers for Mario Kart 8, now that Nintendo and Mercedes-Benz have teamed up to release free downloadable content including three new karts, the first of three announced DLC packs.

Mario Kart 8

You can download this new update for free to add three Mercedes-Benz rides to your kart roster, and I’ll be honest, it looks as weird as it sounds. They don’t dramatically change the game so they’re entertaining for their uniqueness alone. The other two announced DLC packs promise more value, and thank goodness for that since you’ll be paying real money for them.

The first pack, due in November, includes three new racers: Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach and Link – yes, Link from The Legend of Zelda – plus four new karts and 8 new tracks. Adding new variations on Peach and Mario (of which there are already three apiece) doesn’t excite me, but Link will be an interesting new face in the racer roster, while the eight new tracks almost sell the pack on their own. The second pack, due in May of next year, also includes four karts, eight tracks and three new racers: the Animal Crossing villager, Isabela from Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Dry Bowser (who doesn’t qualify as a Dry Bones replacement, Nintendo). You can preorder these DLC packs now if you’re impatient, and buying both unlocks 8 colors of Yoshi and 8 colors of Shy Guy.

I’m happy to see Nintendo continuing to support Mario Kart 8, but really, if they want to make waves, they should release DLC with a real Battle Mode. I don’t know if that is possible or realistic, but that’s my dream DLC. Until then, I’ll have to be happy with Link driving a Mercedes on an Animal Crossing race track, and I think I can do that.