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For those who like their world organized and their time managed, we have set up a tentative streaming schedule for our Extra Life marathon. After taking the results of our game poll into consideration, we have organized a selection of 45+ games as best we saw fit. We’re fairly flexible – and things are liable to go awry at some point –  but now you know when you can tune in to watch us play the games that you would like to see.


Extra Life


Our stream starts this coming Friday, October 24th at 8 PM EST on If you would like to donate or find out more about the cause, you can visit our Extra Life team page at We hope to see everyone there.


8PM: Intro / Plants vs. Zombies
9PM: Titanfall / PlanetSide 2
10PM: Civilization 5 / Demigod
11PM: Magicka / Magicka Wizard Wars
12AM: Killing Floor / Left 4 Dead 2
1AM: Star Wars Battlefront 2 / Call of Duty 4
2AM: Hero Academy / Worms Revolution
3AM: Torchlight 2 / Path of Exile
4AM: Age of Empires 2 HD / Rise of Nations Extended Edition
5AM: Spelunky / Dungeon Defenders
6AM: Unreal Tournament / Quake Live
7AM: Starbound / Team Fortress 2
8AM: Goat Simulator
9AM: Gauntlet / Towerfall
10AM: Don’t Starve / Guild Wars 2
11AM: User Request Hour
12PM: Minecraft / Robot Arena 2
1PM: Sonic 4 / Super Meat Boy
2PM: Hearthstone / Archeblade
3PM: Saints Row 2 / 3 / 4
4PM: Stronghold Kingdoms/ LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
5PM: DC Universe Online / The Sims 4
6PM: Portal / Portal 2
7PM: User Request Hour