NBA 2K15 is here, and with it the promise of a new, competitive mode called MyPARK. MyPARK takes your custom player you develop in MyCAREER mode and tosses them out onto the blacktop to play other players in 3-on-3 matches. At least, that’s the idea. In my experience so far, on PC at least, there’s room for improvement.


No one wants to play with me, apparently

Above is the site that greeted me this morning upon logging on to my team’s home courts. You pick one of three MyPARK teams – Old Town Flyers, Rivet City Rough Riders and Sunset Beach Ballers – and play on their courts, leveling up to be able to take on the other teams on their turf. That sounds great, but when there are no other players, it’s a little hard to get a match together. Maybe my team’s players are in the Jordan Rec Center instead. The Jordan Rec Center is the same basic concept but you play four minute quarters of 5-on-5 with NBA rules, referees and clocks. I go to the Rec Center, hoping to find someone, anyone.


HELLO? Anyone home?

No such luck. Since you level your player in MyCAREER mode, it’s conceivable that most players are grinding that mode before hitting the competitive courts. It’s also conceivable that the mode is empty since the game is literally 9 hours into its existence, so most people probably aren’t playing yet. Still, there’s an eerie feeling, wandering these courts alone, one that hopefully doesn’t become commonplace.