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As you all know we all use phones from different services that offer different plans, However Net10 Wireless is selling a phone card for $25 and then telling the customer that it is unusable due to it is not a 30 day unlimited plan , it states clearly on the card 30 day plan and gave me a 15 day plan instead of what I had paid for in an offer probably so I didn’t sue them for fraud they gave me unlimited for 15 days which is not what I paid for, I paid for 30 days service 1000 minutes . They should at least stop selling the cards if they won’t redeem the cards, as many customers will soon find out if they choose to buy a 25 dollar 1000 min. plan. I am not bashing the company just their tactics in merchandising their operation, don’t sell it if we can’t use it that should be the answer most businesses have. The customer always comes first.

– Will