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In case you missed it, All Around Gaming Hub is 10 years old this month. Continuing our look back at 10 years of AAGH, today we are going to look back on our top ten feature articles of the past 10 years.

My Top 10 Articles in 10 Years:

From Minecraft and The Sims diaries to making player-developed content for popular games, we’ve done allot over the past decade. Here are my favorite features we have done.

  1. The Sims 2 versus The Sims 3, 2011 – I wrote this at someone’s suggestion, as I was somewhat ranting to them on the subject. It has been one of our most read articles year in, year out since it went up so it apparently struck a chord.
  2. Minecraft – My 256 Block Challenge, 2014 – One of our most read articles of all time, this was my attempt to see how long I could survive in a constrained area in Minecraft. Unfortunately I started in a mushroom biome which meant no trees, so no wood, and therefore little chance of success. I died stupidly, fighting zombies for tools.
  3. My Minecraft 128 Block Challenge in 1.8, 2014 – With the success of the previous article, I tried again later that year using the new Minecraft 1.8 borders mechanic, purposefully starting in a grassy area instead of a mushroom biome. Sadly, again I had no trees available so I cannibalized an NPC village for lumber. This went much better than the 256 block challenge.
  4. What Makes MMO Worlds Memorable, 2014 – I attempted to quantify what makes some MMO worlds stick in my mind, and came up with an pseudo-scientific equation to explain it.
  5. Remembering Oblivion, 2011 – In preparation for Skyrim we looked back at Oblivion and what made it so memorable. From fireball physics to searching for a missing artist inside of his own painting, Oblivion was a great game full of good memories.
  6. Journey Through the Nether ( part 2, part 3 ), 2012 – Inspired heavily by an article on PC Gamer by Tom Francis, Chaos is Gaming’s Will (as his Minecraft character Floata) and I went to the nether and attempted to journey as far as we could and then come home. Things went pretty well until the end, where our compasses went crazy and we ended up stranded at sea. I keep meaning to do a new version of this series, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.
  7. AAGH’s Sims 4 Story ( part 2 ), 2014 – With the release of The Sims 4, we decided to move Will and myself into a Sims 4 house with a fictional, blue, insane roommate named Max. The results were pretty funny, even if I never did get around to putting together the announced part 3.
  8. Creating in Skyrim, 2012 – When Bethesda released their Elder Scrolls Construction Kit for Skyrim, I dove in and created a new plugin to try it out. The result, Relentless Force, was a channeled, dual-wieldable Unrelenting Force spell. It’s still available and regularly used on the Steam Workshop and ended up on some early “Best Mods in Skyrim” lists.
  9. Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative, 2012 – I did the same thing when Valve released their Portal 2 map design tool. Unlike Skyrim, my designs here went largely unnoticed but it’s still a fun tool that Portal 2 fans should try.
  10. Planetside Free Month of Past/Present Players, 2012 – What sounds like a simple news headline turned into me trying the original Planetside for only the second time. It was probably fun back when it had a community but today, for our present-day palette, Planetside 2 is a vastly better experience.

That’s all for today, everyone.