It has been official for a while now, but Grand Theft Auto 5 is indeed coming to PC on April 14th. Many, myself included, have already preloaded the game (at 60.4 GBs, I’m glad they gave us plenty of prep time), so it’s just a matter of time before the game goes live and PC gamers get let loose on Los Santos. Here at AAGH, we are preparing for the launch with a new GTA Online crew and a launch-night livestream.

Grand Theft Auto 5 PC

The crew, AAGH Gamers is brand new, and its first member (my Xbox One avatar) is also brand new, so there’s not much going on there yet, but that’s all going to change come Tuesday when my avatar gets transferred to the PC version and the crew gets opened up to new members. As for the aforementioned livestream, we’re going to live stream the game’s launch, particularly GTA Online, starting Monday night. If you’re up and not playing, join us on our Twitch channel for fun and mayhem late into the night (barring inevitable launch night server issues). Will from Chaos is Gaming is supposed to join the stream as a commentator, and that’s always fun.

With the wait almost over, those last few days are always the hardest. Hopefully Rockstar can produce something akin to a smooth launch – I’m not sure how many more delays PC gamers have patience for.