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After an initial delay from a simultaneous launch with current-gen platforms to January, and then its subsequent delays to March and then April, it looks like Grand Theft Auto 5 is finally going to come to PC on April 14th. One indicator of that is the finally-released PC trailer on Rockstar’s website, which shows a version of the game that looks like it will be the definitive visual showcase for GTA5.


Running at 60 FPS, the video (running just over a minute with only about 50 seconds of actual gameplay footage) showcases the game’s lighting effects, high-res textures and consistently beautiful game world in montage fashion. There really isn’t allot new to glean from it aside from the release date being reaffirmed at the end of it. Hopes are high that it does indeed come out on in less than 2 weeks, but I for one will believe it when I see preloads begin.

Grand Theft Auto 5 PC

The visuals in the video nearly made my computer shudder in fear, but going by the system requirements Rockstar released in January it should scale rather well. For those of us – myself included – who have been patiently waiting for GTA5 on PC, April 14th cannot come soon enough. The release will be celebrated with sighs of relief and cries of “it’s about time,” until the inevitable server issues cause people to complain that Rockstar released it before it was ready.

You just can’t make everyone happy, I guess.