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In my various games played through out the years, my main goal was to ensure that my views of the games remained honest and humble.  The point of this is to build you the viewers a standing set of games with my honest opinion of them and usually I try not to run any game off the market or be nasty to any one in any way. We have a couple games to speak of in my section, starting with GTA V.

I love this game and always have after awhile the game seems to run on and on, I don’t like the repeated types of missions or the basic mentality of a homicidal mad man. The game it self is awesome. I love the detail and everything done with this game.

Secondly I would like to discuss Age of Empires 3. One of my favorite types of game, a scenario of large world domination through brutal means, it’s just plain fun. Remember folks these are games not real life so a little mayhem in the game makes for an exciting type of thrill for gamers and people who want to escape reality for a while to ease the daily mind-hurtling events of life. So I state very clearly that these are violent games but most gamers already know this.

Thirdly I would like to talk a very little on our plans for the future and games coming from AAGH Games as well. A brief look into my mind would probably have most people on the floor either wondering whats wrong with me or laughing hysterically, So there is no mistake I’m definitely not a normal person, Which is why AAGH Games is very good at creativity in our games, please visit our games page for further updates or information.

– Will