Today we’re making a shift in our review process, something of a monumental one for us. I personally have been the review editor for AAGH since it launched, and as such I’ve led us through a number of review format changes. From stars to numbers, with ranges from 1-5 to 1-10, our reviews have had a bunch of makeovers over the years (as you can see by going through our review archive). This time we’re undergoing our largest change yet: we’re removing the game score entirely.

Starting today, our reviews will be coined Final Opinion pieces instead, and rather than rating games, we’re going to either recommend or not recommend them. We will also point out if there is a particular type of player who we would (or would not) recommend the game to. This is because gamers these days don’t so much need or want a score on their game reviews, they just want to about the game and if they would enjoy it or not, so we’re going to respect that.

Let us know if what you think of this change; we’d love to hear your opinion.