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We just covered a game releasing on August 9th that allows you to fly to the stars, but that’s not all that happens that day. If you’re a World of WarCraft subscriber (of which there are still millions, myself included) then August 9th is a big day for you, too – provided you preordered the upcoming expansion pack, Legion.

World of WarCraft: Legion

The Legion pre-expansion patch dropped a few weeks ago (you can read the patch notes here) and revitalized the community with new features like a Transmogrification system that stores all the item looks you’ve collected so you don’t have to keep the items themselves anymore, and servers that were dead-quiet a month or so ago now have bustling town centers again. One of Legion’s big new features, the new Demon Hunter class, did not come in the pre-patch, but in a break from tradition, it will drop early for people who preordered the expansion. On August 9th, if you preordered Legion you will be able to create a demon hunter, a good three-plus weeks ahead of the expansion’s launch.

Why would you want to be a demon hunter? Aside from it being a shiny, new class (which is enough for many all by itself), demon hunters will offer a new level of mobility with double jumps and a gliding ability. They will also fill a leather-armor melee DPS/tanking role in parties.

Also at that time, the pre-expansion invasion events should begin, involving demons invading various zones across Azeroth. Keep it here on AAGH for that, demon hunters, and all things Legion later this month.