e-AAGH.net was conceived in late 2004 by Alphasim and a number of other people on Alphasim’s old forum. They wanted to provide a gamer’s take on the latest games, so e-AAGH.net officially went live on January 2nd, 2005.


An early build of e-AAGH.net

The early design exposed the grass-roots origin on the site, but the intentions were there. The group remained together only until late 2005 when everyone other then Alphasim was drawn away by other priorities. Alpha recruited his old allies Betasim and Omegasim, who had served him well in an early internet venture.

The site’s appearance has changed much since it’s inception, as has it’s color palette. Alpha originally opted for gold and silver for the site’s colors. In late 2005 he purchased a site template from his site’s host upon which he built various variations of the site.


Two variants of e-AAGH.net through 2006

This gold and silver look lasted through to 2007, when the scheme was modified to and blue and green scheme. That’s also when the site got it’s first true logo.


e-AAGH.net’s blue phase


e-AAGH.net first true logo

Alpha also came up with the idea for a  site seal, which has changed even more then the site itself. Here’s a few of it’s different iterations.

seal1 seal2seal3seal4seal5

The site’s biggest weakness in 2007 and 2008 was Alphasim’s change of format. He had gone from straight HTML to inline frames. One large frame sat on the main page and loaded each individual review and article in the frame. Not only did this prevent any linking from one article to another, it made it nearly impossible for search engines to read it properly.

In 2009 Alpha and Beta put together a new look using dynamic templates rather to maintain a constant look through the site and ease maintenance while improving site access. This change also brought back gold to the color scheme. Blue also remained but green was relegated to the back burner.


e-AAGH.net circa February 2009

Towards the end of 2009 Alpha began to tire of the limitations of the template he purchased back in 2005 and decided to rebuild e-AAGH.net from scratch.


The 2010 rebuild

The result was a cleaner but much slower site. It was very poorly optimized and hard to update due to the excess baggage Alpha had included. By the end of 2010, it was time for a change. However, change would have to wait.

e-AAGH.net nearly died in 2011 when Alpha’s life underwent numerous challenges from November ‘10 through early 2011. By February however things had evened out and he was ready to start the site anew. The result is what you see before you. After constant collaboration with Beta the design was finalized on February 24th and went live on Saturday, February 26th, 2011.


The last image of the old e-AAGH.net

  • Here are a few more logos and banners from e-AAGH.net’s past





Thank you for reading our history. Now perhaps you can enjoy our future even more.

– Alphasim