Guys I know his is a drag but we have had technical difficulties. Bud and I are unable to live stream for three or so days. Please excuse the inconvenience.


Thank you.


Today we have a special treat, a Planetside 2 beta game replay with Bud, Will and their friends Essemm and Zsturgess. The defend a few bases, cap a few more, kill each other on accident and die quite a bit. It’s all fun.

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Today the guys took to Unreal Tournament 2004’s Invasion mode, and played two rounds

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The battle went well until the ultimate monster struck: total crash to desktop. Damn it all.

Bud and Will played four times in Star Wars Battlefront II as their first broadcast on Chaos is Gaming TV, and through the magic of reairing, you can watch it here.

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They played four matches:

1. Team as the Empire on Coruscant (Opening match, quick win)
2. Team as Empire on Dagobah (Bud went  big as Vader)
3. Versus: Bud as Rebels, Will as Empire on the Death Star (Luke vs. the Emperor!)
4. Team as Empire on Endor (a crushing loss)