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Children's Hospital Charity Live Stream

Nov. 4 please join Bud and I for our annual charity live stream for Extra Life. We will be up and running for a total of 24 hours. Your contribution whether be it watching or donating are both larg… Read More

In Will's Words PSA

We have been working on new game developments and many different actions. We would like to express our thanks to patrons and to viewers. Our content in the game reviews and new games has been slowing… Read More

Children's Hospital cancer donation game play

Welcome , Please join us for our annual live stream for children's hospital cancer donations. we will be playing a arrangement of games as well as giving our latest game to them as our donation any mo… Read More

Ludum Dare 35-with bud n will

Please join us tonight fri. the 15 2016 for our 72 hour game development challenge at     https://www.twitch.tv/alphasim at 9 pm .    TY                WE WILL BE BACK ON SAT AT 10:00 AM EST WIL… Read More

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Richard Heil

Just letting everyone know that we have had some minor site outages today due to hosting upgrades. Our hosting company did some server maintenance and has resulted in the site going down for short per… Read More

Much as I like Killing Floor, this mod is fun. I can’t see the enemies but in its defense, it is allot of game play and has allot of kills. A multi player implement into the Killing Floor saga, a very interesting spin on the game, more for the higher ranking game players, this game is exciting and difficulties range on your game play and from easy to hard. My only problem is that the zombies are not in a visual form, but it is worth playing. And I think that is part of the challenge.

– Will

Killing Floor Defence Alliance

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This game is a blast. Bud and I played this awhile back but recently I added this wonderful, colorful, exceptionally R rated game to my collection. A older graphic type game with hilarious deaths and actions in it. The Bloody Good Time Game is probably one of my more favorites due to the graphic content and violence upon the actors in this game. Well worth the price at $4.99 in steam to good a deal to pass up. Personally I’ve enjoyed every moment of the sword swinging, gun shooting, ax-wielding maniacs, that are considered actors in this amazing action horror game.

– Will

Bloody Good Time

Well, to say the least Killing Floor 2 is much like the original more struggle and less multi player options. The game is fun with different maps and creatures to kill, The guns do not carry over nor do the players previous play through’s, Meaning any thing bought or earned in the original does not carry over. How ever the graphics are better as well as game play and control of the character. All in all  good attempt at a sequel , Just in my opinion is not worth full price.

– Will

Killing Floor 2

As you all know we all use phones from different services that offer different plans, However Net10 Wireless is selling a phone card for $25 and then telling the customer that it is unusable due to it is not a 30 day unlimited plan , it states clearly on the card 30 day plan and gave me a 15 day plan instead of what I had paid for in an offer probably so I didn’t sue them for fraud they gave me unlimited for 15 days which is not what I paid for, I paid for 30 days service 1000 minutes . They should at least stop selling the cards if they won’t redeem the cards, as many customers will soon find out if they choose to buy a 25 dollar 1000 min. plan. I am not bashing the company just their tactics in merchandising their operation, don’t sell it if we can’t use it that should be the answer most businesses have. The customer always comes first.

– Will

For those who like their world organized and their time managed, we have set up a tentative streaming schedule for our Extra Life marathon. After taking the results of our game poll into consideration, we have organized a selection of 45+ games as best we saw fit. We’re fairly flexible – and things are liable to go awry at some point –  but now you know when you can tune in to watch us play the games that you would like to see.

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The new Atari and Sega retro consoles  have bonuses and not so much a bonus. The Atari has bout 76 games in the machine itself, most of which are fun but not really the original games so have several flaws and are considered a miss on their part. The Sega however has some good games built in, and you can place cartridges in the slot on top as on a regular Sega Genesis. The Atari can not do that, and plays only built in games. My opinion is that both are rip offs of the originals – hardly a comparison.

Speaking of comparisons, I am going to compare old and new games here on Chaos is Gaming, so come back often to read them.

– Will

Folks today I’m telling you about the DLC on Killing Floor. The medic pack is good to have, as is the sharpshooter, which is the strongest with the pistols and rifles. The golden hand cannon is basically for show and in my opinion a waste of money , but fun to have.

The rockets glitch out, the grenades are garbage and only once in a while work. I love the game but the DLC is a basic waste of time unless you like throwing your money down the drain, The zombies die basically the same way that they would if you would use regular ammunition from a pistol. The only difference is the color and name. In the most part the art work is awesome and all together fun to play.

Killing Zone

Now as for the costume and the  different zombie packs, it is entirely up to you to decide . The new zombie skins are pretty cool and the packs that add new player features like who you are, I cant really say because I don’t honestly care about what my character looks as a whole I like the play in game action. And the heads blowing off is always exceptionally exciting and amusing. The bull pup is fun but the shot gun is really fun. As for what this whole game is about the zombies are trying to kill you and you must protect your self from mutilation. Thank you for a fun time and a blast – literally.

– Will

Chicken Boom, this artistic form of death to the aviary creatures of stank, is probably the funniest game I’ve played in years, if only for the fact that this game basically requires no mental effort, only hand/eye coordination and common sense.

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